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Joseph Zanck Pursuant to North Carolina's Public Records Act, I am writing to request any records or informati... Public Records Office
Jesse Lambert I am requesting data about the athletic department for the period June, 1995 - May, 2017 (or as m... Public Records Office
Daniel Kalish The entire employment contract (including all appendices and exhibits), for the head football coa... Public Records Office
Andrew Langan Good afternoon, I am writing to request current and historical earnings data for faculty and sta... Office of Human Resources Public Records Office
Cheryl Place I am trying to obtain under the freedom of information act the award to Ricoh for the previous bi... Public Records Office
Samir Dahman Under North Carolina Public Records Law, G.S. §132-1 et seq., I am requesting copies of recordsth... Public Records Office
Joy Johnson I would like to request some salary information from your law school. Would you be willing to sh... Public Records Office
Margaret Townsend   March 12, 2018   VIA ONLINE PORTAL https://nextrequest.unc.edu/requests/new   RE:      P... Public Records Office
Michelle England SmartProcure is submitting a public records request to the University of North Carolina - Chapel ... Public Records Office
Charlie Wallace My name is Charlie Wallace and I am an intern at the Student Health Center at Sam Houston State U... Public Records Office
Bennett T. Dansby Dear Agent, I am writing to request the Trust documentation, and all documents related to it, th... Public Records Office
Karyn Hladik-Brown Pursuant to the North Carolina Public Record Law, I hereby request the results from the Carolina ... Public Records Office
Bill McCarthy Pursuant to the state open records act, I request access to and copies of all correspondence -- i... Public Records Office
Jim Baumbach Copy of the contract, including any amendments or attachments or any other similar documents, for... Public Records Office
Andrew Beaton This is Andrew Beaton, sports reporter with the Wall Street Journal. I hope this note finds you w... Public Records Office
SHAUNA STACKHOUSE This is a formal request to obtain information on all active and/or terminated (include... Office of Human Resources Public Records Office
Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez Under the North Carolina Public Records Law, G.S. §132-1., I am requesting an opportunity to insp... Public Records Office
Connor Richter A copy of any reports on Title IX sexual violence complaints that would include a total number of... Public Records Office
Dan Kane I am requesting correspondence associated with SACS President Belle Wheelan's letter dated Nov. 1... Public Records Office
Duncan Richey I would like to request any and all current contracts between Aramark and the University of North... Public Records Office
Eric King Watts I am requesting information regarding the status of mold remediation in Bingham Hall. I have emai... Public Records Office
Duncan Richey I request the financial statements of Campus Enterprises from 2015-2017. Specifically those of Ca... Public Records Office
Kayla Drake To whom it may concern: I am requesting the public records regarding Bingham Hall's reports regar... Public Records Office
Mark I would like to request emails to or from [employee name] from the ITS department from January 1 ... Public Records Office
Geoff Michaelay If possible, I would like a copy of the MOU and Appendix A of the Trilogy Contract for the UNC co... Public Records Office
Shaun Goodwin [employee name] most recent contract with University of North Carolina Athletics. Public Records Office
Ana Irizarry I am writing, pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 132, to request ALL emails from Wednesda... Public Records Office
Kiana Cole To Whom It May Concern: I'm requesting all emails and correspondence containing the name [Indivi... Public Records Office
Kiana Cole To Whom It May Concern:  I am requesting emails between [Employee Name] and Gov. Roy Cooper star... Public Records Office
Connor Richter Pursuant to the state open records law N.C. Gen. Stat. Secs. 132-1 to 132-10, I write to request ... Public Records Office
A. Mark Weisburd (Arthur Mark Weisburd) I request a log of Alert Carolina texts for the months of December 2017, January 2018, and Februa... Public Records Office
Ethan Joyce I am requesting the game contracts of four future North Carolina football games: North Carolina's... Public Records Office
BRITTNY HOPWOOD I hope this correspondence finds you well. This request for public information is made on behalf ... Public Records Office
Sarah Krueger -An email sent to [employee name] last week (2/18/18-2/24-18) from a group claiming to be compris... Public Records Office
Margaret Townsend February 23, 2018 Re: Public Records Request: UNC Chapel Hill Cogeneration Facility Paint Dear ... Public Records Office
Greg King Please provide a copy of the current Lynda.com / LinkedIn Learning contract.  Thank you. Public Records Office
Carey Gough Sports agents: We are requesting names of all sports agents reported by the university for violat... Public Records Office
Kelly Reed GPA Statistics for All Graduates by Year - 2015, 2016, 2017  If possible to have this broken dow... Public Records Office
Brandon Huffman Pursuant to the North Carolina Public Records law (G.S. §§ 132-1, et seq.), I request that you pr... Public Records Office
John Leland Pursuant to state open record laws, I am requesting the number of registrations that have been ma... Public Records Office
Daniel Stone Requesting documents, photos, videos, and any other records on: William J Stone  aka William J S... Public Records Office
Colin Byrd Rye Barcott's contract to be the commencement speaker on May 13, 2018. Public Records Office
Ravi requesting most recent employment contracts for [multiple employee names] Public Records Office
Nathaniel Popiolek 2/14/2018 UNC-Chapel Hill Public Records Office UNC-Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC 27599 Dear Sir... Public Records Office
Kevin Schiller First name, last name, title, college dept./unit, work email address, and institutional mailing a... Office of Human Resources Public Records Office
Ken Calvert Pursuant to state public records law, I am writing to request copies of any contracts, agreements... Public Records Office
John Leland I am requesting a list of all drug-related student arrests over the past five years. I would like... Public Records Office
Paul Cayley   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:  Kenan-Flagler Business School Travis Henderson ... Public Records Office
Kevin Kelley Any document or email indicating future playing dates for football games between the University o... Public Records Office
Kevin Kelley All University of North Carolina football game contracts, memorandums of understanding, letters o... Public Records Office
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