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Alka Chandna, PhD This request for public information is made on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Anim... Public Records Office
Daniela Hernandez Under the North Carolina Public Records Law, G.S. §132-1., I am requesting an opportunity to insp... Public Records Office
David Kirkman March 22, 2017 Re:       Public Records Request to UNC-Chapel Hill re Durham Orange Light Rail T... Public Records Office
Kevin Kelley Pursuant to the North Carolina Public Records Act, I request access to and copies of the follow... Public Records Office
Sarah Vassello Pursuant to the North Carolina Public Record Law, I hereby request the results from the Carolina ... Public Records Office
Molly Morgan I am writing, pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 132, to request access to or copies of a... Public Records Office
Rand Sacks Please send me a copy of the following coaching contracts:  [Sport]:  Head Coach and all Assista... Public Records Office
Katarina Miles I am writing, pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 132, to request access to or copies of t... Public Records Office
Anna Truax This request is for all records of communications between UNC (including all people or entities r... Public Records Office
Colin Byrd in electronic format: the university's 25 highest-paid professors Public Records Office
Dan Kane I am requesting all written communications between UNC-CH and the NCAA related to [former employe... Public Records Office
Sheldon Summers CollegeNET is making a formal public records request regarding RFP #65-3000127382-DSP that sought... Public Records Office
Andrea Adelson I am requesting under state open records laws the following records:  - A copy of the 2015-2016 N... Public Records Office
Allan L Blutstein Any email sent or received by the law school [position title] that mentions U.S. Supreme Court no... Public Records Office
Craig Domann This is an open records request for all current employment and consulting agreements related to t... Public Records Office
Hugh Jasole "Please provide EPAP forms for requests dated January 1, 2008 or later for [employee full name] a... Public Records Office
Rachel Bridges I am requesting a copy of the syllabi for all sections of Media Law, taught in the School of Medi... Public Records Office
Tarah Reed Can you please send me the Award Documents (bid tabulation, award letter) and the proposal respon... Public Records Office
Colin Byrd Please allow this message to serve as my public records request that you provide the contract rel... Public Records Office
Hugh Jasole "Please provide me with the external professional activities for pay (EPAP) request forms dated o... Public Records Office
Megan Howard Im looking to get an entire list of every single litigation case that the UNC Civil Rights Center... Public Records Office
Christopher Carlucci [Note:  Requester wrote to request address information for the records received in response to hi... Public Records Office
Robert Chelle "Under the North Carolina Public Records Law, G.S. §132-1., I am requesting an electronic copy of... Public Records Office
Bear Fenimore "Through the FOIA, I would like to request an email copy of the employment agreement and amendmen... Public Records Office
Emma Saltzberg I am writing to request copies (electronic if available) of all original contracts, contract modi... Public Records Office
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