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Bob Martin I ask that UNC-CH make public a revised release of the NCAA Enforcement's Written Reply dated Jul... Public Records Office
Tony Eades I am requesting  copies of contracts/terms/agreements(in PDF file format) for the following event... Public Records Office
Anemona Hartocollis Dear Public Records Officer:  Pursuant to the state and federal Freedom of Information laws, The... Public Records Office
Matthew Kish July 27, 2017 Dear Records Officer: Pursuant to the state’s public records law, I request the f... Public Records Office
Trey Robinson Under the North Carolina Public Records Law, G.S. §132-1., I am requesting copies of the most rec... Public Records Office
Steve Smith Hello,    In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, I would like to kindly request t... Public Records Office
Christopher Brook We are writing to request records related to how policies and procedures govern the processthroug... Public Records Office
Tanya Weigold Good Morning,   In South Carolina, we have mandatory tuition fee waivers for out-of-state stude... Public Records Office
Gregory Barnes I am writing to request the NCAA enforcement staff’s response and any additional communications r... Public Records Office
Allan L Blutstein Any email sent by law school professor [employee name] since January 1, 2017, that mentions or re... Public Records Office
Suhauna Hussain OPEN RECORDS REQUEST     Fee benefit requested         Dear OPEN RECORDS Officer,         ... Public Records Office
Emmett To Whom It May Concern: Under the North Carolina Public Records Law, G.S. §132-1., I am requestin... Public Records Office
Sarah Jordan Dear UNC Public Records Office, Under the North Carolina Public Records Law, G.S. §132-1., I req... Public Records Office
Stephen Pedroza To whom it may concern, I request the following public records pursuant to applicable public reco... Public Records Office
John Meadows I would like to make a request for the number of hours it has taken the University of North Carol... Public Records Office
Joedy McCreary Hi, I'm with the Associated Press in Raleigh and I'm writing to request a copy of the NCAA's resp... Public Records Office
Anna Truax I would like a copy of the procedural documents sent to the university by the NCAA, probably in l... Public Records Office
Kevin Cohen This is a request for records pursuant to state law as well as the terms of a written contract th... Public Records Office
Jonathan Alexander The News & Observer requests:    1. UNC's most recent Financial Report to the NCAA.    Pl... Public Records Office
Jeff Tiberii I would like to request the latest salaries for the staff at WUNC-FM Radio. Public Records Office
Justin L Peele To Whom it May Concern:   I would like to see if you have a complete list of issued gear to you... Public Records Office
Ronald Christie I would like to request a copy of any contracts for employment and any amendments thereto and any... Public Records Office
Alka Chandna, PhD Dear Public Request Officer:  This request for public information is made on behalf of People fo... Public Records Office
Nolan Hayes Pursuant to state open records laws, I am requesting the following: - the NCAA Revenue and Expen... Public Records Office
Mark Boyle WCNC-TV NBC Charlotte would like to request the last 20 Clery Reports filed at UNC-Chapel Hill.Th... Public Records Office
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