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Brandon Huffman May 7, 2018 Via U.S. Mail and Email to hr@unc.edu Office of Human Resources University of Nort... Office of Human Resources Public Records Office
Rand Sacks Athletic coaching agreements for :     [multiple employees] Public Records Office
Carey Gough We are requesting public records concerning Silent Sam.  Please provide the cost of all security... Public Records Office
Steven Schupbach Pursuant to the Public Records Act, this is a request for a copy of the following records: An ele... Office of Human Resources Public Records Office
Kevin Cohen This is a request for records pursuant to state law as well as the terms of a written contract th... Public Records Office
Brandon Huffman Pursuant to the North Carolina Public Records law (G.S. §§ 132-1, et seq.), I request that you pr... Public Records Office
James Holman Pursuant to the Public Records Act, please provide the following information re: Housekeeping Ser... Public Records Office
John Jordi We are looking at eXplorance as a potential vendor and have been reaching out to peer institution... Public Records Office
Nicole Perez Petroleum Traders Corporation would like to formally request under the s... Public Records Office
Alexander Mellott Under the provisions of the North Carolina Public Records Law, I am requesting financial data fro... Public Records Office
Jonathan Alexander The News & Observer requests UNC's latest financial report to the NCAA.  Public Records Office
Moss Brennan Pursuant to state public records law, I request access to and copies of any documentation... Public Records Office
Virginia Nichols The University of Kansas does an annual internal salary comparison of administrator salaries of m... Office of Human Resources Public Records Office
Angelo Angel Dear University of North Carolina , Pursuant to the state open records law N.C. Gen. Stat. Secs.... Public Records Office
Chris Hummer To whom it may concern, Under the North Carolina Public Records Law, I’m requesting an ... Public Records Office
Tony Eades CONTRACTS (Jan 1, 2007 - December 31, 2010: I am requesting copies of contracts/terms/agreements ... Public Records Office
Chandler Burks Hello- I would like to request the employment contracts of [multiple names] if applicable.    ... Public Records Office
Kyle Travers I would also like to request student enrollment data for the Online MBA and Online MPA degree pro... Public Records Office
Corey Risinger This request is in accordance with the April 18 NC Court decision that the disciplinary records o... Public Records Office
Elke Spraul Pursuant to the state open records law, I write to request the following information from you: ... Public Records Office
Robert Solomon I am a consultant helping federal and state governments save money by analyzing the prices they p... Public Records Office
Sarah Ovaska-Few This is not a new public records request. This is following up on a previous request (#150270) to... Public Records Office
Corey Risinger Good afternoon, This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act and pursuant to NC Public... Public Records Office
Jonathan Alexander The News & Observer requests the contracts of [multiple employee names], and any and all cont... Public Records Office
Noam Hello, I am requesting all documents related to the records request ID Number 160164 filed on 11/... Public Records Office
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