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Nikki McKenna I'd like copies of the line-item budgets and revenue reports for UNC's athletics department for t... Public Records Office
Emily Wayne Pursuant to the  Freedom of Information Act, I am requesting copies of the current employment con... Public Records Office
Sean Lavin Can I please have a copy of the two most recent final outcome records reflecting the decision tha... Public Records Office
Ron Mexico Please send me all audit reports (whether special or regular) of the UNC School of Law dated Janu... Public Records Office
Dexter Horne The Program Review and Investigations Committee, an oversight committee of the Kentucky state leg... Public Records Office
Ray Gronberg Please send me a copy of UNC's contract with the Atlantic Coast Conference for the ACC Network th... Public Records Office
Steve Berkowitz The contracts covering the 2017-18 season for the nine full-time assistant [sport] coaches and ... Public Records Office
Ron Mexico Please send me Audit Report #497, dated October 20, 2016. Public Records Office
Frank Johnson Please provide me an unredacted copy of all documents provided in response to Request #17-324.Ple... Public Records Office
Michael L. Weisel We hereby make the following request(s) ("Request") under the North Carolina Public Recordslaws, ... Public Records Office
Nick Ochsner Pursuant to G.S. 132-1, et seq., which does not include language requiring the format in which a ... Public Records Office
Troy Williams This letter is a request under the North Carolina Public Records Act, N.C. Gen. Stat. § 132-1 for... Public Records Office
Tong Lap Him Dear Sir/Madam,I hope that you are well.I ask to obtain a copy of the following, which I understa... Public Records Office
Frank Johnson Please provide me an unredacted copy of the following document which was provided in response to ... Public Records Office
Nadine Weeden Dear Jenna or Custodian of Public Records,SmartProcure is submitting a public records request to ... Public Records Office
Carlos E. Mahoney David Pishko from Winston-Salem and I represent Michael Alan Parker.  Pursuant to G.S. §132-1, et... Public Records Office
Emily Wayne Pursuant to the  Freedom of Information Act, I am requesting copies of the current employment con... Public Records Office
James Williams May 29, 2017  University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill Dear Public Records Officer: In accor... Public Records Office
Colin Byrd 1) The NCAA Committee on Infractions' third notice of allegations saying UNC provided illegal ben... Public Records Office
Craig Domann This is an Open Records request for (A) athletic department's current media rights agreement wit... Public Records Office
Frank Johnson Please send me an unredacted copy of Request #17-301 as originally submitted, including date and ... Public Records Office
Pete Roussel I would like to request an email only copy of the new contract UNC announced [date] for [employee... Public Records Office
Andrea Adelson I am requesting under state open records laws the following records: [employee name] contract, ap... Public Records Office
Gregory Barnes I'm requesting [employee name] full contract, which was formally approved by the BOT on [date]. Public Records Office
Anthony LaRubbio  I am currently a student at Kentucky University's College of Law and currently enrolled in a Spo... Public Records Office
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